My step dad

This is about my step dad, and how much I want to kill him. I’m 17 and he’s been in my life since I was 5. He came into my life after my dad broke up with my mom because she is crazy (to this day she still is) I was an only child at first. I saw my dad every other weekend (we get along great). After awhile he started having kids with my mom, Jackson and Charlotte are my step brother and sister on my moms side. My dad also had kids with my step mother (whom I also get along with). Lucas, Daniel, and Rosalie. My step dad started paying less and less attention to me, which was fine because at that point I was 11 and I started to want a little bit of freedom. Then at 13 he started to treat me like crap, this was when I had my first argument with him. From that day forth he hated me more than anything. I needed money to play my instrument in school and I needed money for baseball, he said No to both of them. Don’t get me wrong he had a great job (128,000 yearly) but he said no just because he didn’t like me. About 3 months later he got my brother who was 7 at the time into sprint car racing. It’s basically cart racing but 50+ mph. The car alone to build was over 10,000 dollars. To maintain it every month it was 2000 dollars. Since I Thought he had extra money I asked him again and he go in my face and said “why would I waste money on human garbage like your dumbass?”. He called me a dumbass because I had an F in math, all my other grades were b’s and a’s. We got in a big argument and now we both knew we hated each other. When I was 16 we got into a fight, it started with him pushing me down the stair and pushing my fish tank over, killing my fish. After the fight, he took my dog outside and shot her. He shot her in front of my eyes and I cried for over a month and I feel into a deep depression. Piper (the dog) had been with me ever since I was born. We grew up together and he murdered her in front of me. When I was in my depression I tried to kill myself 3 seperate times. And after 3 therapy sessions of finally getting through my depression he started calling me crazy and a crybaby. Just a few months ago he destroyed my car because I ate all of the chips that he liked since he told me I needed permission to eat. After destroyed my car he got into another fight with me. My mom didn’t do anything because she was on her pills all the time. After about 2 months without a car I met a girl that said I could ride with her to school. I happily agreed and after about a month of flirting I had the confidence to ask her out. We dated for about another month before she told her parents about me. They loved me and said that I was a great guy. But they wanted to meet my parents. I took them to meet my mom, she didn’t say much because of the pills and when my step dad got home he told them to get out. When they left he got in my face and told me that I am nothing and that that girl would never truely love me. He told me that I should just stick to my right hand and kill myself. I fell into another depression, I didn’t try to kill myself but I was still contemplating it. I still live with him and my mom because I’m No legally and adult yet. He degrades me everyday and bosses me around and beats me. Today I made a promise to myself that one day, No matter how long it will be from now, I will kill him. I will get my revenge on him No matter what the consequences. The only thing keeping me from doing it now is my girlfriend, she truely loves me and I don’t know what I would do without her. I love her so much and I don’t want that monster to be in my personal life or her life. Someday I vow I will murder him in the most painful way possible.

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  • He'd be dead after he killed my dog. No lie I would risk the jail time. I hate my step kid but I'd never kill an animal to hurt them

  • Don't try to kill him; just brutally emasculate him. First, get a video or tape recorder and record you confronting him about all of the past bs he's put you through. Being the a-hole he is he will readily admit to all of those things. Once he's admitted to it all save the recording someplace safe (with your girl maybe). Then when he's sleeping or just not expecting it take a crowbar to his knees and hands. He'll never hurt you after that because he won't be able to. If he calls the cops on you you'll have an iron clad case of pre-emptive self defence handy on the recording. Sure, you'll have to go to court and what not, but you probably won't do any real time. F*** em up brah.

  • You have a right to feel the way you do. However, killing him (though your feelings are valid) is not a good choice for you. Please resist the temptation to attack him.

    It would be good if you could find someone, a trusted adult, school counselor, psychologist, pastor, or a friend for you to talk to. You are an articulate and intelligent young man. He is sick and abusive. He has no credibility.

    Did you tell the therapist about the dog and him tipping over your fish tank and pushing you down the stairs? I am surprised they took no action

    His cruel acts of violence towards you are nothing short of child abuse / abuse of a minor / domestic abuse. He should have and still could go to jail for that. However, the important thing here is you. I am very sorry about your dog. I would avoid any confrontation with him for now.

    As for not wanting him in your life, you have the right to cut him out of it. You do not have to accept unacceptable behaviour. And he needs to be held accountable for his vile actions. I realise I don't have a full picture abou twhat is happening there and what your actual situation is. But remember it is temporary. You will leave that house and make your way into the world.

    There is such a thing as Karma. You don't need to kill him. However, you can (with outside help and maybe your mother's support) set boundaries and he can be held accountable for his actions. Just don't commit murder. It will destroy you and the beautiful future you can have.

    Were are area (city) are you based in. I can recommend a source(s) where you can go for help. The violence against you needs to stop now.

  • I escaped from my brutal abusive father at 17 yrs old. I didn't have anything or anywhere to go but I went anyway. Day by day I got by. It was tuff but it was better than living with that man. Today I am a successful business man. You can do make it too.

  • He has the purse strings tight.

    So don't expect support from him. Your true patents are the one to ask for stuff. Ask mom or your real dad for an allowance so you can replace food that you didn't have permission to eat. It could be time to find a minimum wage job doing 15 hours a week. Every dime would be yours. Not much but a few paychecks later and some new co-worker friends you will be able get some freedom.
    Don't eat the jerks personal food. Take your full share at dinners. Don't ask for special treatment. You are now the middle overlooked child. If there are things to do as a group then get in it!

    One thing that will be hard to do but could you be the sweetest kid who waits on his word. Like. False worship. Unless there is a huge reason you stayed with your mom or the judge made you stay with her. Can you move in with your dad? Will that show your mom that things are not right.

  • I am sorry u have to suffer from all this....definately he deserves to die in the most brutal manner in the history of mankind ever seen....but believe me that would be a temporary 'll spend rest of life in jail...I know u don't care...but just take it as a bad phase of life....complete ur studies ,get a job...and get away from that son of a b****....I wish happiness to you...may god be with you and u should raise this matter

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