Depression takes your soul.

I had batted depression for over 10 years. I had cut, burned, 'symptoms' of an eating disorder (But I was even a little heavier then most!)
The worst was Wwen i was a teenager, I had thought relationships was a boost to my self esteem...especially sexual attention..

You see when I was a child, I was picked on (I forgot, it was so long ago) and I didnt really have friends at that time...I

So in highschool, I had a lot of boyfriends during that time..I felt better about my body...If guys like my body=boost in self esteem

In junior year, i developed a short-one ending relationship...He just wanted s**, so I just let him used me.
later I found out his age was 40...I was 16.
He was old enough to be my dad. he had two kids (11, 13!)

Thats when I knew my depression was out of control.

I had waited on getting treatment for about 2-3 years...Which caused the meds to not work, thats why it toke 10 years to feel better

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  • Bet u got lots of c*** when young shave ur p**** to mak u feel bettr

  • Well, congratulations on feeling better! You should totally turn that guy into the cops though, 40? really? gross!

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