My doctor is a young woman, I had to go and have a medical because of my life insurance my sister came with me, I had to fill in a large form, detailing my health issues, medicines and operations I've had, then she said OK let's start your medical, and she told me to undress down to my knickers, (her words not mine), my sister helped me undress because Ihave a bad back, when I was just in my pants, she did all the normal stuff, heart, lungs, blood pressure, reflexes, but then she looked at the form and said, I've got to examine your p**** and would I drop my knickers for her, my sister smiled as my pants came down to my ankles, she held my c*** and made me cough and pulled my foreskin back and looked at my head, I could have died through embaressment, she took some blood and urine sample but I had to wait before until my stiffy had gone down to do that, still I'm covered now, so if anything happens to me, my sister get's some money from me.

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  • no we don't do things, Iwas just so embaressed about getting an erection infront of her, and anyway I wasn't turned on because my sister was there, the doctor was a lovely looking woman.

  • Why would you get a stiffy with your sister there, if anything it would make you not get one. This seems like BS.

  • The sister part of that is certainly weird. Do you and your sister do things?

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