I feel it.

I felt a p*** in my butt and I was in Church so I was heading up to get communion and I sharted all in my pants. I smelled like fart winky and some p*** fell on the nuns shoe and she slapped me with a rooler forcing me to p*** in my pants more. SPLART!!! was the sound it made. I couldn't help but laugh so I ran out of Church pooing and laughing at the same time. Emily, the nun, chased me to my car but I got in it, almost ran her over, and drove away.

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  • We are rare birds indeed...

  • Thats who did that!?!? Why were you wearing short shorts to Church? I saw you crapping in Church so I went up behind you to tell you to get out, but you s*** on the nuns shoe and ran away... I hate you.

  • You could of trolled better than this

  • Seriously though. Terrible attempt...

  • Oh my God, someone else with an actual user name around here? *faints*

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