Is it wrong?

So growing up, I never really had a problem with getting girls and what not, but the last few months I've been really urging in telling my cousin that I have feelings for her. The last few years we have been very close. Shes the closest to me out of all my cousins and family but heres the twist.

She would confess that when ever I have a girlfriend she gets really jealous for some reason. There were a few times that she would say, "if you werent my cousin I swear!" Am I just reading her wrong or does she might have a weird crush on me like Im crushing on her.

There will be random times that she would just say Im really cute and Ill say the same back. Im just trying to figure out if shes just saying that bc she loves me and that how she is or am I seeing what I really want to be true which is my cousin feeling me the way Im feeling her.

I know its wrong to have feeling for my cousin, and trust me I have NO problems getting girls but for some reason I am REALLY attracted to her. I will confess that I have thought about f****** her. I even looked through her panties just to be able to fantasize better. There are times that when she spends the night at my house in my bed, I just want to tell her how I feel. Even just start feeling up on her and seeing where it will go.

Anyways, I dont know what to do. I know what I want though which is to secretly f*** around with my cousin but I dont know if she would be down.

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  • What that girl is doing in her mind is the same thing as if you said "f*** me senseless and hold me all night" She thinks she is being that clear. That's the female brain being crystal clear.

    If you want it, go for it.

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