Tommorow will be a great day

Im so sick of all this crap why normal people be like the ones on this site. everday ive been harrased by these abocrobian pretty boy douche bags i couldnt do any thing before but ive been training and ive thought of a strategy to send a message. tomorrow triad ends so im gonna find all these a******* by them selves and im gonna beat them down 1 by 1 i can take any one of those b****** 1 on 1. so tommorow im gettin ready because tommorows revenge time ill fight as many as i can before they jump me im a get at least seven before they no whats happening. im gonna get my ass beat but im getting revenge if u see this tommorow dont get the teachers and try to video tape it i wanna be on you tube i wanna stand out as the guy who finally put brandon in his place. if you go to my school you probably know who i am dont try to stop its goin down tommorow.

Nov 8, 2011

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  • Even if you do its not gonna solve your problems.

  • Tell us how it went down after.

  • Bullshit story was written 9 years ago. Pretty sure nothing "went down."

  • S*** you got problems good luck man

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