i actually have a question for all you

i actually have a question for all you out there...
i am a girl. when i m*********... i, uh, squirt. quite a lot.
the question is, how can i pleasure myself without getting... stuff on everything?

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  • Some girls actually squirt... IT is not something to be ashamed off. Some guys will like it and some guys will find it weird...
    It's normal. Don't worry about it.
    And if you want to m*********, just do it... Also that is normal.
    I hope you have lots of fun doing it...

  • Try more vaginal stimulation rather than clitoral?

  • You can use my mouth as a female condom.

  • Masturbating is blasphemy. If you do it your arms will fall off and Satan will sew up your v*****.

    -John Ossum

  • let me put my mouth over your c***, I'll collect all your cumm......yummy

  • LOL do you really think you will get a serious answer to that on this website?

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