Im a horrible best friend.

I just pushed(question after question) my girl best friend into telling me about her "first time" after she repeatedly told me to drop it. She started crying and told me she was raped in her house. Words can't describe how horrible I feel... I just wanted to say that I'm sorry...

Nov 8, 2011

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  • Actually, as a girl who was raped as a teenager I can tell you that she probably feels so relieved that she was able to tell you. She wouldn't have told you if somewhere deep inside she wasn't dying to get it off her chest. Now you just need to make sure she knows that you don't judge her for it and you'll be there if she ever feels like she needs someone to talk to about it. Don't feel bad. That's what best friends are there for. Love her through it.

  • Don't tell us strangers...tell her- your best friend- what an a-hole you were for pushing her to tell you what she didn't wnat to. Best friends will forgive you- as a stranger I can say you were an a-hole for pushing her to tell you that.

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