Cousin And Me

Both my cousin and I are in the same high school, he a boy also with me being older and in a higher grade. I'm gay and not out but talk around school is that others' believe I'm gay. I even dated girls' as cover to stop the talk. My younger cousin is really cute and has always had girlfriend's. Both our parents went on a weekend trip leaving me and my two cousins at my house. The second cousin is my age and older siser to my younger cousin, her brother, she also goes to the same high school. Saturday night we all stayed up really late watching movies in the family room. My cousins sister finally went to bed leaving me alone with her younger brother, my cousin. After the movie we talked and he asked me if it was true, what was being said at school, me being gay. I said no and he said he really didn't care which made me feel at ease. He asked if I would play truth or dare and I said yes. I got to ask the first question. I asked if he ever had s**, yes he replied. Me the same question and yes also. Second question was, boy or girl...? He got the question first and I was shocked when he said boy! I said the same. Well, that started what would be a fantastic night with my younger cousin who's so cute. He told me all the girls' he's around in school wanted to date me, that they weren't sure if I was gay though. My cousin told me that he got it on with a boy that I also was with from our school. That night was a first for me to be f*****. My cute little cousin was f****** me and really into it when, his older sister walked into the room and caught us. Both of us completely naked, hard and me unable to stop from coming. He screened at her to get out but she didn't. She looked at us and said, 'so you're both gay, I thought you were'. She stood there and seen both of us competel naked! What came next really surprised me, I'm sure her brother was to. She said she wanted to watch, that she wouldn't say anything if she could watch. At this point, my younger cousin and I just jacked each other off with him cuming on me for her to see. After we did this I said to my her, let us see you. She took her top off and let me touch her breast for a minute while he little brother watched. I tried to touch her p**** but when I got my fingers on it she stopped me. She laughed and said next time which I really didn't get. Now when I'm in school I think she told everyone, my mind plays tricks on me and I'm afraid to be around others' thinking they know. My younger cousin told me she tells him, her brother, that he has to do what she wants or..., she does this in a joking way with him. My cousin and I have a plan for me to f*** her and he walk in on us. Anyway, it was really embarrassing and still is being I'm a gayboy and having a girl watch me naked with her brother jacking each other off.

Nov 2, 2020

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