At school i have many friends, but i never talk. They say the normal human girl is supposed to speak 7000 words a day. Not true. I speak about 30 a day. I like to keep to myself and i don't like to talk about my problems. My ex and i are closer then ever and he's always there for me, he promised, and he never breaks promises. But now that im in grade 8 i know there is going to be drama. I lost 3 friends and gained like 5. But there's this one girl who acts like my friend. She was saying rude things behind my back. My friend came to me and told me everything, he never lies to my either. When i told her i new everything she denied it. I'm scared to go to school, because I've been bullied before, and i don't like to speak a lot. I hate talking about my problems. And when my ex knows something is wrong i tell him there's nothing but wish i had told him. I don't want this girl to keep my life miserable, is there anyway i can stop her?

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  • You clearly like writing about your problems though.

  • Tl;dr

  • Previous research by Louann Brizendine at the University of California found that women speak an average of 20,000 words daily compared to only 7,000 words for men.


  • There are times, one has to be very clear who are the friends in his/her life, and who are the jackasses. If you are not sure what the person is to you in your life, how are you going to appropriately deal with the person?
    Next things to know is to make sure you keep to those roles you pick out. No pt if you are going to be all wish-wash abt what you've decided

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