Really considering dumping you

I'm really thinking about dumping you... I don't want to sound shallow, I have always been ANYTHING but shallow, but you should consider yourself lucky to be a chubby 30 year old mechanic dating a 19 year old model, and STOP LOOKING AT OTHER WOMEN WHILE YOU'RE WITH HER!!!!!!!! I seriously don't get you, OF COURSE there are plenty of guys out there hotter than you, and I know the natural human reaction is to look, but whenever I see a hot guy I inmediately look away because I want to remain faithful with you, I never look at other men, SPECALLY WHEN i'M WITH YOU!!!!

I was thinking about breaking up with you next year before going to college due to numerous reasons, I wanted to wait a while to see if I changed my mind, but your recent behavior is leaving me no choice, I'm duping you, it's time for me to get the kind of boyfrend I deserve. Someone my age, with my same calling, morals and ideals, not perfect, but refined, and just right for me.

Good bye, it felt like love a first, now that I see our dfferences more clearly, I've realized you're not for me, thank God I saw the signs before I fell in love with you, thanks you for being there when I needed you, but this is as far as it has gotten. I kinda feel sorry for you because frankly, I don't think you'll ever find someone like me, that may sound cocky, but it's how I feel.

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