Terribly depressed

I'm working as a social escort secretly and I feel so ashamed of myself and that I've let my parents down but I enjoy the s** and the money too much to stop.

I'm just really confused right now and my self esteem is at an all time low after my 'customer' questioned why I'm doing this and told me horror stories of escort getting beaten up and gang-raped.

I feel that my soul is cheap and I feel like ending my life.

Nov 9, 2011

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  • Either you enjoy the s** and money too much to quit or you "want to kill yourself". Dramatic much?

    Is that all dumb people ever say on this page, "i wunna kil myself"? Jesus, do the rest of us a favor.

  • You don't need to end your life. You've reached your limit and need to quit the business. Good luck.

  • Society should be okay with this life choice. But it's not. And what society thinks affects us and how we feel about ourselves. So the choices are find a way to be okay with it, or give it up.

  • Having a conscience is a b****, isn't it? Your soul is priceless- it is your actions that cheapen it. I see two choices: 1st choice- just admit to being a w**** and be happy with your life as a w**** that will lie to family and friends because of the social stigmatism that surrounds being a w****. 2nd choice- Stop being a w****.

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