Probably gonna feel better once I get it out...

I'm 21 years old, and a few times I've gotten off to STAGED "incest" p***, generally though it is "step-mom" or "step-sister" stuff, or at least I assumed so.

Anyway, most of them actually just involved the whole chick standing there, talking to you about you jerking off. I'm not at all attracted to my family, to incest, or anything like that - I think perhaps it was a dominance thing?

I saw a couple of videos that actually freaked me the f*** out when they would say s*** at the end, or allude to the other character not being of age or something. When I got to this, I stopped - f*** that!

I don't know how many times I did it - probably not a lot, but I'm feeling pretty bad about it. For the most part, I think curiosity just got the better of me.

To my knowledge, it was always consenting and staged, usually with semi-popular pornstars - and believe me, I went to silly lengths to ensure this. Still, the thought of it now really sickens me, and I don't know why I got off on it in the first place.

I just want to be a good person, but now I feel like an awful one. I'm cutting my ties with p********** in general, as I think perhaps I haven't dealt with it the right way so should probably avoid it.

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  • Don't feel bad. Everyone does things they later feel ashamed about. I'm a Christian woman and not too long ago I started becoming addicted to gay p*** (2 guys). At the time, I loved it, but now I can't believe I EVER watched that crap. Just move on and think of it as a learning experience.

  • I just want to let you know that Jesus loves you.

  • lmao i luv the comments more than the cofessions sometime,some people are just to funny.

  • Aw, you sound like a sweetheart. Come here, mommy wants to F*** you, baby.

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