When you fire someone don't tell them to have a nice day while th

When you fire someone and you have someone escort them out of the building don't have the escort say this. Have a nice day. The terminated employees day is ruined.

This actually happened to me. It was ludicrous.

Feb 14, 2021

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  • Got fired again, did you? What was it this time, eating urinal cakes?

  • If I had a time machine...
    Back in 1977 I was 22 and just bought my first new truck. Someone tried to steal it. This moron bragged that it was him. He followed me to my truck and got in my face. I pushed him away and went home. Monday morning I get called in and fired for fighting. At the union hearing the company confessed that they fabricated their story but since I admitted pushing the moron I was fired.
    Best thing that ever happened. Three years later the plant closed. Ten years later they tore it down for a shopping center.

  • Unions are incentive to remain lazy and stupid.

  • That happens a lot to a lot of people...Chill. The best revenge would be get hired by a better employer

  • I did that very thing and retired.

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