I really don't want to, but

He's pushing me to it. My husband isn't attracted to me because I'm overweight and I'm very close to hiring a male escort to give me what I've been missing for so long. I love him so much but I'm just..done..being unsatisfied and accepting of it. We haven't even been married a year.

Mar 20, 2014

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  • No she's just done the usual routine.

    Got a man,got comfortable and let herself go.

    The poor dude is too polite/scared to tell her that she's getting fat (believe me women get so f.ucking sensitive about this!!) and now its got to the point where he no longer finds her attractive.

    I expect he's dropped plenty of hints and maybe the odd comment ,but its fallen on deaf ears,saying how he finds big woman unattractive and hey look at her over there,so fat isn't it gross.
    Yet she still pigs out and is now past the point that he finds attractive.

    He didn't get with her when she was fat.
    He was attracted to her when she was smaller.
    I feel for him.
    She's false advertising basically😅

    As for the comment below about you couldn't have gained that much weight in a year...
    You dumb ass , its not as if they met and married the same day,so of course not, it'll of been a long process.

    She's a selfish c.unt and needs to stop stuffing her face and loose weight!!
    Get back to the size you were when you met and I guarantee he'll be all over you.

    He didn't sign up for the fat pig you've become.

    Sort your s.hit out you piggy beast.

  • Nice try, incel. Five months isn't nearly enough time to go from "bangable and marriageable" to "omg u pig omg omg omg".

    Your envy over other immature boys snaring women is showing :D

  • Why the h*** did he marry you if he wasn't attracted to you? You couldn't have gained that much weight in less than a year.

  • I got the perfect solution for you. I know this h**** guy who would do you and blow your husband. That way everyone would get some and be happy. The guy's name is Meow. He's a regular here. If you'd like some of his pro b****, I mean pro bona, action just say so. He will read your post and give you contact details. Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • You dont have to hire an escort,I will f*** and lick your p**** everyday for free and am not kidding. Where can I find you?Although I have a woman who gives me lots of money quite a few times a month after I f*** her(she just gave me some this morning and I just got home).I tell her she doesn't have to because I enjoy f****** and licking her p**** for free put she insists I need it.Just tell hubby what he is not doing and if he does not change,just get a boyfriend or f*** buddy on the side and have fun. I know this because I have had countless affairs with married women and prefer them over single ones. That tells you that there are guys out here willing and able to f*** you for free.U DON'T NEED TO HIRE SOME ESCORT.

  • Can you do a*** too or is that too icky for you?

  • Pig s**.

  • You love it. Oink. Oink.

  • You want to. It's just an excuse to make yourself do it. You want the new d*** cause your bored and h****. Hint. Get a vibrator or a d**** instead.

  • Say what? You have to pay to get laid??? Pathetic!

  • Hey dont waste your time with him or an escort there are sites for voluptuous women like yourself youre too good for him and you dont have to change anything about yourself its his loss the the loser before he dumps you make him feel like a heel -light

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