I was raised by white nationalists to be a white nationalist. For years, I've been one, I've spent thousands of dollars in activism, and I thought I was absolutely committed to white nationalism.

I've never been attracted to a man who wasn't white. All of my boyfriends have been purely white, just like I am.

But recently, I found myself to be absolutely in love with a Maori boy. I've never liked, or even found attractive, someone of another race. I love him.

I don't know what to do.

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  • Maoris are ok,as they're not n i g g e r s

  • Stop the abuse. what i said years ago was said under duress and i was sick. I didn't even mean it about all that. please put me last aussies and julia gillies.

  • Paint him white.

  • I think you should get your head out of the clouds and realize that being white isn't any better than being any other color!! If you love this Maori boy, then be with him. Do you think it's going to poison you to be with him? He's just as human as you are...

  • I see this now!

    As I write this, we've been together for nearly a year, my parents have kicked me out, he knows everything about how my family raised me, but I've never been happier.

  • Is there white nationalist in New Zealand? You really need to get shot you f****** racist b****.

  • I doubt you'd be saying this if you knew what I'm like now and how I've changed.

  • I just feel really sorry for you. I can't imagine what it's like being raised by psychos like that. It's like a cult - maybe you can escape and join the normal people.

  • They absolutely are psychos but I hope one day they'll accept me for how I am now.

    I hate that I wasted so long being in that bullshit.

  • Quit being a white nationalist. What a bunch of bullshit that movement is.

    You'll get a lot more out of loving people than hating people. FYI.

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