Please help me help my friend

My friend is having a rough time. She is struggling with a huge life decision and I am not sure how to help her. You see, she is engaged to this guy that she doesn't have feelings for. Her parents would never approve of her breaking off the marriage and their family would be an outcast. This guy treats her so well but he is giving her some space. She doesn't know if he will even take her back. On the other hand, she is in love with another guy who loves her back. He is also a great guy who treats her so well. She doesn't know if she should go through with the marriage and make her family happy or be with the one that makes her happy. If she goes with the one she loves, Im sure in time things would work out but she will always have that guilt. If she goes with the other she may never be happy. She has also considered breaking off the marriage but also not being with the one she loves to avoid putting shame on her family. I personally believe she should go on with the marriage because I think she could find happiness with him. I think it was wrong of her to even think about any other guys when she knew she was engaged. I dont want to hurt her feelings or be the reason she chooses wrong. What should I tell her?!?! I dont know which decision is the right decision in her situation but she needs help fast! She is getting more and more depressed about the whole thing...


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  • The best advice in the world to give someone is to tell them to Follow Their Heart. If her family loves her they will understand and support her and if the guy she is engaged to loves her then he will let her go and not hold her back from being with the one she loves. I think she should take a step back and look at the big picture and then make her decision. She needs to do it fast because she is not only holding herself back but she is holding back two men from finding love. I think she should look deep down and put everyone one elses opinions out of her mind and instead do what her heart is telling her to do. I hope everything works out for the best and I pray that everyone is happy in the end.

  • Hey- SHE is the one that has to live the rest of HER life. And at the end of it, when her last dying breath is passed from her lungs and her life is flashing before her eyes, she can either see all the times she gave up her life to make other people happy or she can see the life of happiness she lived loving people who loved her back.

    F*** the family and f*** you for putting pressure on her to do something that none of you have to live every day in. If the guy she is engaged to really WAS the man for her, no other guy WOULD be able to turn her head. PERIOD.

    The family will get over being p***** and if they can't-- f*** 'em. You don't have to be blood related to build yourself a new family that actually WILL support you and DOES want to see you happy. A family that worries less about their own damn feelings and more about whether their daughter has an awesome quality of life with someone she loves.

    Are any of you or her family ever going to give up parts of your life she deems 'appropriate' just to make HER happy? I seriously doubt it. So leave the girl alone. Providing nothing bad happens, she'll get maybe a good 80 years out of an entire eternity to be on this earth- that's it. There's no time to waste trying to run around and make other people happy and living out years being unhappy for it, ya savvy?

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