I am now a 42 year old man. I have been through a lot, during my early childhood i was raped by my father brutally, my mother called the police and he went to jail.
In my teen years, i got a crush on a girl named alice. One day i asked alice if she wanted to be my girlfriend, i obviously got rejected, she told everyone, and my life junior high life was full of embarrassment. In college, i finally met the woman of my life. She was a 27 year old woman doing her masters. We met one day, and after that we became good friends. 2 years after we got married, we had a baby boy. One day when my son was 6, i came home from work and found him crying brutally on the sofa, he was wearing no clothes and had a red slap mark on his face. i asked him why he was crying and he told me " mommy and dave (our plumber) hurt me". he told me that when he came out of the shower, he saw mommy and dave "playing", when dave saw him, he came up and slapped him with incredible force, he told me that dave put his "weewee" up mommys private and then dave put his weewee in my butt. I couldnt believe this. this all happened about 5 years ago, i am now a single man who lives with my son.

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  • if that would have been my kid, I'd be in jail now.

  • first I would slap the f*** outa him then run him over with the dam car then I would have a gay f** hoker come in and rape the f*** outa him

  • That its heartbreaking. You my man, are a very strong person! Keep your head high

  • "The world is a cruel place" and billions continue bringing new children into it to suffer for their own selfish gain.

  • I am sorry you have it so rough. congratulations for having unbelievable self control. i would have killed the plumber for hurting my son and slapped the f*** out of my wife if i was you. i hope your future gets better. you deserve it.

  • the world is a cruel place. at least your son has you to protect him.

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