Terrible Wife

I'm 38 and have been happily married for 15 years. I love my husband and we have a great s** life. About two years ago I was out with some people I work with. Our group is fairly tight and our boss will take us out for a happy hour every few months. On this night my friend Dave made a pretty serious pass at me. Dave is black, 24 years old tall and a very good looking. Of course I said no and everything was fine. That night when I got home however I told my husband, Bryan. I thought he'd be upset but instead the idea seemed to arouse him. Over the next few weeks he confessed that he'd always had a fantasy of watching me have s** with another man. I'll admit I was surprise but I found the idea enticing and we began to roleplay that fantasy in our own s** life including watching p*** that had husbands watching their wives with other guys. I was surprised how much it turned him on but we both agreed initially that it would remain fantasy. Well over those next few months that changed and he began trying to talk me into actually doing it and wanted me to invite Dave over. Well I continued to say no to that for obvious reasons, mainly I was worried about how he'd really react. The next time my coworkers and I all went out my Tim was really hounding me to consider it. The idea made me very nervous but by that time I was actually considering it and so I purposely got a little to drunk and asked Dave to drive me home. On the way to our house I told him about what my husband and I had been discussing and he was (of course) all for it. Bryan was shocked when Dave and I walked through the door and so I asked him (for the 100th time) if he really wanted to. He was very excited about it but he was surprised I actually was willing. He was also nervous. The night ended up being amazing and a lot of fun for everyone. TIm watched as Dave kissed and undressed me and went down on me. I was a mix of nerves and worry and h****. Dave was huge and I was a bit worried as he put me on all fours and began f****** me from behind but I was so turned on it slide right in. I was also scared that Tim might freak but he was all on board and soon came around front so I could blow him while he watched Dave f*** me. I've never seen TIm c** so fast. he was so turned on it took all of 60 seconds for him to c**. Dave was another story. He eventually came twice but that was over the next two hours while he f***** me just about everyway imaginable. As for myself I had at least five major o******. Tim has never had a problem bring me to o***** but this was so much more intense. Not sure if it was Dave himself or just the idea of another man taking me while my husband watched. When Dave left Tim and I had s** again but by then I was spent. The next day Tim and I talked about it and agreed that as much fun as that was it probably should be a one time thing. Well that was fine until Monday. Dave and I hadn't spoken much that day but we'd said hi and smiled at one another. Later that day I used the bathroom and when I came out Dave was standing at the door. He quickly pushed me back inside and before I could protest he'd unzipped his pants, taken out his d*** and pushed me down onto my knees. It happened so fast. I knew I needed to say no but instead I began to give him head. I was so surprised and so turned on I just let it happen. After a couple of minutes I stopped and said we shouldn't but he just laughed and said I didn't mean that and then he got me up, bent me over the sink, pulled my panties aside and began f****** me hard. I couldn't believe it but I didn't care. Didn't care if we got caught, didn't care if someone walked in nothing. He f***** me for 5 minutes and came inside me and it was so exciting. Since then we have been having s** almost everyday. Its the most intense s** I've ever had. We f*** in his car, in my car, in the bathroom, in the bathroom of a nearby restaurant, in the stairwell of our building anywhere. Sometimes more than once a day. About a month after we began our affair we were at his apartment and he was making me c** and told me that I was going to f*** his friends and made me promise to agree. I was mid o***** and I thought this was just dirty talk and so I promised I would. It wasn't just talk though. I was still shaking from c****** when he left his room and immediatly came back with his roommate and another guy. I said absolutely not, that was just talk but I can't say no to him. I had left work at lunch that day and didn't tell Tim and didn't get home until 7 that night. At one point all three of them were in me and they made me c** over and over again. Its now a year and half later and I've had s** with 7 of his friends. I've let all of them do things that I've never even let Tim do. Tim has no idea. I've had to turn Tim down sometimes because my ass is beat red from spanking or bite marks, or just because I'm too sore. I also have a hard time c****** with Tim because he is too gentle. These guys are rough and forceful and I've found its a turn on. Once I had to pick up a new outfit on my way home because the one I'd worn that morning had c** stains all over it. I feel so guilty and I still love Tim but I won't stop and frankly don't want to. What is even crazier is that Tim changed his mind about Dave being a one time thing and we've had him over 9 times since then to play. I have to pretend to let Tim talk me into it. Dave and Tim have basically become friends and the last time Dave even suggested to Tim it would be hot to set up a g******* for me and mentioned he "might" have some friends who'd be into it. Tim is considering it but is still worried that might be going to far. I'm terrified he might find out but I can't seem to put a stop to it.


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  • This is amazing. Sounds like lots of g******** in your future!

  • Who is Bryan?

  • Oops. Tim and Bryan are my husband. One is a fake name I made up for him for this confession and the other is his real name. I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention when I wrote this ;)

  • I was thinking exactly that too???

  • Yeah where'd you copy this story from ? read this kind of thing a hundred times. Come up with a REAL confession, faker

  • You need

    Then you'll bleed on his black shaft

  • I also want to f*** you awell , my c*** is aching to get up your well f***** c*** and leave all my s**** in you well used c***.

  • Better ease into that one but if you don’t he is gonna find out the hard way.

  • I want to f*** you too.

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