Daddy is a sissy

My wife enjoys feminizing me and has been doing it ever since we started dating . We had to stop doing it until late at night when the kids were born and had been careful making sure the girls didnt find out . Three weeks ago the girls has been in bed for a few hours , My wife had dressed me up in a skirt ,,heels and all and she wanted to go out in the back yard and take a few pictures.It was late and like I said the girls had been in bed awhile so I figured why not. We snuck down the hall and past their room and went out back .We didnt turn the yard light on so Carol was using the flash and we were having fun until the back yard light up ,,there stood our thirteen year and ten year old daughtors . They had not fallen asleep and heard us in the hall way and they snuck out and followed us to the back door. Kelly couldnt see because it was so dark outside so she turned the yard light on and there stood mommy and some other woman and they wanted to know who she was,,why mommy was outside with her and about 80 other questions were fired at us . Without thinking I tried to explain and forgot that I was dressed up and didnt make my voice feminine sounding . The girls recognized my voice but it didnt match the person it came from and it only took our youngest to figure it out.She asked why daddy looked like a woman .We didnt know what else to do so we sat the girls down and told them why I was wearing womens clothes. After awhile and what seemed like a million questions the girls knew all about cross dressing and couldnt stop giggling. We made them promise not to tell anyone and explained why and started hearding them back to their room so we all could go to bed. Just as they were closing their door and Kelly looked at me and said she liked me better like this cause I was much more prettier . After that the girls would not leave us alone and kept asking their mother when she was going to turn daddy into a woman again.We finally got tired of it and she did just that one Saturday morning .The girls were so excited when they came into the kitchen to see that I was wearing a dress that morning. Now they get to see Cindy regularly and they have not told anyone about my little secret yet

Jun 28, 2021

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  • My teen daughters enjoy watching the men that they have chosen treat me like their f*** toy.I have sucked c*** and had men pound my sissy c*** at home and in public,,the most humiliating place was at work. I was dressed up and sucking my mans c*** at work one weekend and a security guard caught me and i was hand cuffed and held while my boss drove to where we were. I am locked in permanent chastity and can only o***** when I am having my sissy ass f***** good and hard by a big man with a huge c***.When I have not been able to c** in awhile I get even more submissive and will do anything to get relief. My wife no longer has s** with me except when she has me lick her p**** clean after she has had s** with several men. My wife moved one of her boyfriends in so now my boss get to dominate me at home as well as at work. I am a sissy secretary after hours and weekends but Master decided that I needed to be humiliated even more so he demoted me and has me working as a secretary during the week now for the entire crew to tease and call me names . My boss told me that it is a sissy secretaries job to suck the male employees c**** when ever I am told .I feel like such a w**** and am being treated like one every day all day long

  • I think that if you are a white male that if not big and strong or is feminine in any way then you need to be totally feminized and forced to live as feminized sissies 24/7.You will never attract a woman and get her to agree to be your wife .You can live alone and be lonely or let yourself be transformed into a sexy little sissy and men will want to date you and f*** you and make you suck their c****. This service is free to any white male that is ready for a change .

  • I think that is a good idea. All white males that have a small d***,,or the ones that are unable to sexually satisfy their wife or girlfriend ,,and those males who are into certain kinds of p*** should be ordered to turn them selves in so they can be re trained and feminized so they can become wives ,girlfriends or even just f*** toys for real men into sissies . The sissy should be responsible for covering the cost of its training and transformation .If the sissy falls behind on its payment why not put it to work as a prostitute ,that would be the fastest way a sissy can ray its debt and it is the perfect punishment too .

  • My wife puts me in a mini skirt and will every time while i do dishes

  • I would purposely annoy them and see if I could get them to say some mean stuff and laugh at me. Sounds like they kinda lean that way anyway. What's more "sissy" than being reminded of your place by your own little girls, after all...?

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