My first time nude modeling for art

I answered an ad for a nude model for art class. The ad wanted an athletic and fit male model to teach the anatomical structure of the body to art students. I didn't have any experience modeling. So I did some quick research on the web about art class modeling which said you do several poses nude while about a dozen students draw you. I'm in my 20's and in great shape with a six pack, very active and worked out. I figured I could to this easy. I was what they were looking for and got hired and showed up to class for my first modeling gig. When I got to class I was surprised to see it was a very large class of about 50 students instead of the dozen or so I imagined. This made my have a lump in my throat and I started to get nervous knowing I will be naked in front of that many people.

I became very nervous as I waited. Then finally the prof called me to remove my robe. It was a slight relief at first, but everyone was now staring at me. I had been practicing doing poses and figured I would just do poses where I don't have to look at everyone in class so I wont be so nervous. But the prof did things another way. Instead of making me do poses, he had me stand in front of the class looking straight ahead so he could lecture on the body structure. So now I'm facing and looking directly at about 50 students as they looked back with a full view of me while I'm standing there nude for the duration of the class lessons. It made me feel extremely exposed as I could see everyone staring at back at me while I was naked as they studied me. I felt very vunerable and nervous as all in class could stare at every part of my entire body while I had to stand still for them. Its almost as if everyone in the room had some advantage over me because they were fully clothed and could see me naked as they pleased while I had to face them and accept them staring at me as much as they wanted to. On top of this, my whole body was discussed by the prof very thoroughly, part by part from all different angles while I stood there. This added to the nervousness and exposure I was already feeling, it seemed very scrutinizing like my nude body was a science book for the class to examine. There was absolutely nothing I couldn't hide. One of my biggest fears is that I would develop an erection and be completely humiliated in front of the class, but somehow what I was feeling at that point prevented that from happening, which was the only thing going for me. The class lasted for about 3 hours and for almost the whole time I could not shake that feeling of being exposed for all to see, although towards the end this seemed to let up and I felt more relaxed.

I don't know what made feel like that, maybe because it was my first time, or the large size of the class, or the fact I had to stand and face everyone. Also I think I been overconfident in my ability to do that. I was not ashamed of my body since I was in great shape but it just was the overwhelming awkward feeling of standing totally naked for everyone to view. I was going to quit after that class, but against all odds I decided to give it one more try, also because I really needed the extra money. So I went again I still felt exposed but it wasn't so bad the second time around. After the third time I was more or less used to it and it became a lot easier to handle. But there was nothing like feeling the exposure and the sheer nakedness I felt of posing nude that first day, I don't know if I could go through something like that again.

Nov 19, 2011

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  • My wife has posed a few times at our house, we advertise on the net, she is over 40 but has nice body, she only poses for one though not a room full, I find it very exciting to see her showing off her beautiful shaved p****, she gets very very wet too, all have been ametuer photographers, many now ask to pose with her with me taking the pics. Some strip off completely, she sits on there knee and there is a lot of touching. But no s**! We've had about 10 guys round now, she is very popular, I think it's because she is a filipina. Many are now asking for much more, she is willing but iam not to sure. She gets paid £40 a session, I agreed to her giving them a massage and intimate touching, they seem very happy with the arrangement. Don't wish her to prostitute herself!

  • Mmm

  • I'm a female art model and i've also modeled for the same type of large anatomy class you described. And I totally feel for what you are saying, like when you are standing there completely nude and you can see everyone in the whole room staring at you and studying you. There is nothing that can really prepare you for that when it first happens, so you weren't at all out of place to feel nervouse about it. It's normal to feel that way.

    Having been through the same thing, I can say you are definitely fully displayed, pointed at, and turned around for all to see. And i mean fully displayed!. Talk about not being able to hide anything at all. Add to it, that its such a big class and so many people are looking at you. So i can relate, specially at the part you mentioned about feeling disadvantaged at fully clothed people staring at you as much as they wanted, and you just have to stand there in the nude and let them do it. It is after all your job to be stared at, looked at, and analyzed by the whole class.. It's a strange feeling but not in a any bad way, and yeah its the job. And you do your best to present yourself well for all to study. You sorta get used to it...sorta. On the plus side there's something good about knowing you are helping the students to learn. They got you for the anatomy art class because you look fit and it helps for the students to see the structure on the body better, as they do with me every semester. Since most of the other models where i work are older and overweight. Each semester when they schedule me for the anatomy class i always feel a little nervous when its time to model, more than the other figure classes i model for. But it's okay i still do it, lol.

  • I have posed nude on many occasions on webcams, but not sure whether I could be nude in a room full of people though! Webcam posing is much more explicit of course, but you never see all people staring at your most intimate parts. I will maybe try it at the local photography club soon as my husband is keen for me to pose, Iam over 50 and a bit overweight, but they seem very happy for me to pose still.

  • I had a similar situation, but at a doctors office. I'll explain further if you wish.

    Contact me at (subject; posing nude.)

  • What, 50 people where staring at you naked while at the doctor's office? Get outta here.

  • It's good to hear about people's first time posing nude. I have just added my name to a list offering to model nude for art classes and have never done this before. I have no problem being nude in front of people as I look after myself as well. I am more nervous about being able to pose well enough for the class. I am also concerned about getting an erection in front of everybody.

  • As much fun as it would be to study a good-looking, hot-bodied naked guy, half the fun would be in observing his composure at being nude and vulnerable in front all those people like that. To watch him squirm ever so slightly due to having his naked bod on display and scrutinized by everyone in class would be so delish to see. Mmmm hehe.

  • I did this for 4 years. You ARE truly vulnerable and I often felt that way when I posed nude in front of so many people. As a male, I can honestly say it 'reverses the roles' and puts the women in the class 'in power'. I never got an erection but I often felt like I was powerless.

  • I think I would just die of embarrassment if it were me going through that. I can't see how people can get the nerve to do what you did. Kudos for being so brave to manage that. Baring all in front of everyone is not an easy thing. But I guess someones gotta do it, and I'm glad it wasn't me. I agree with the one poster, I'd much rather be one of the students in that class ; )

  • Don't listen to that guy making fun of you. When a girl giggles its usually a positive sign. They were probebly enjoying what they saw. Take it from me i'm a girl. Seeing someone model like that would make me think they are really brave if anything. That's something i couldn't do at all.

  • They were giggling at your small c***. haha!

  • OMiGosh so embarrassing for u :O
    i woulda luved to be a student in that class though ;)

  • Yeah, there were a lot of very cute girls in the class, and I could see some of them were whisperring to each other and quietly giggling among themselves. I didn't think to include this in my confession post but it was part of the degrading embarrasment factor I was feeling.

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