I'm a guy who has a gorgeous female friend. Once when I visited her to stay over she had particularly sexy clothes on, a mini skirt and fishnet stockings, a skimpy top and lovely makeup and hair. I was quite h**** and the wine didn't exactly make it easier. This girl has a little peculiar sleeping style cos she sleeps with her eyes open. Soon we decided to go to bed. We had separate beds but hers was next to mine about seven feet between. After fantasizing for about half an hour I heard figured that she was asleep, I looked over to her bed and saw she lying still on her side facing me and her eyes were open but she was breathing as if sleeping. I always found this strange with her eyes open. Anyway now I was very h**** and thought it was safe for me to m********* so i started wanking but soon it was too warm so I removed the cover and lay in my bed totally nude. It felt like heaven, and I tried my best to be as quiet as possible, cos I didn't wanna wake her up but she wasn't stirring or anything so I just continued. I was quite scared because if she would wake up there was no way I would hide myself, and this risk just made me even hornier. My heart was beating like a drum and my c*** was big and hard and warm. As I lay there I kept looking at her and it was strange to see her eyes open, but also an enormous turn on for me and soon I felt dizzy, my mouth was dry and I thought my heart would explode from excitement and that is when I felt my o***** approaching and I realised I was now breathing quite heavily but couldn't help it. So I felt the familiar tingling feeling as the c** started to move around inside...I couldn't breathe and just then I exploded in a messy c******. I must have had an o***** for at least fifteen seconds and I almost fainted because I couldn't breathe and almost saw dots before my eyes. Then I finished and started gasping for air...and I was scared as h*** that she would wake up. Slowly I calmed down and realised that was the most magical o***** I ever had. I lay still in bed for a while and then I hear her say "go to sleep now" and I see that she's still lying in the exact same position...I didn't dare to say anything, hoping maybe she had talked in her sleep. But her eyes were still open. So I just put the cover back on and soon fell asleep. In the morning after she didn't act as if she had seen something but I still to this day keep wondering if she really saw me. She's asked me to stay over again but as she's living far away I haven't been able to. Yet...


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  • You stayed over yet?

  • hmmm... Maybe you should ask her if she saw anything... strange that night...?

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