Sissy husband

My wife came home and caught me completely dressed as a woman. She omediately assumed I was gay and set about our separation and ultimate divorce. She's basically driven me to spend 24/7 wearing a dress and makeup, I even take Estrogen,

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  • sooo you are now turning yourself into as much of a woman as you can ..

    your man card , hand it over , you no longer qualify

  • No wonder she cheats on you with black guys and makes you lick up the creampie. Pathetic t*****.

    - Peter Brockman

  • make me a soggy bizkit

  • Oh, for f***'s sake! That's messed up. Dressing in women's clothing doesn't make you gay. It doesn't even make you trans. I mean, if you are those things, that's cool, but don't let her decide that for you. There are LOTS of straight men out there who like to dress is women's clothes now and then.

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