My awesome life

I have a great life i run a delivery service in california. not a normal delivery service i grow and sell legaly marijuana to all that have a medical card. i make about 40 to 55 grand after taxes every year plus all the cannibus i can want. i have an awesome girlfriend all we do is f*** and smoke when we are together and shes hot. i have my own house to my self and im only 21. im atleast 100 times happier than the average guy in america. i never went to college and i have the best job in the world haha.

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  • I love hearing your hatred filled responses to my awesome life what the h*** do you do. i bet your some failed author who go`s on here to hate on people because your some fat loser. haha cant wait for your response love ya buddy:)

  • i said i save my money in my 401k and i will be retired and rich because my buisness is growing its a good buisness to get into. the only thing is you have to have a clean record and atleast 2 grand to start up because you have to purchase the seeds and a proper place to grow along with all the lights to keep them inside and its constant up keep to keep it all healthy, strong and potent. i got the start up money from my grandpas will he left me his car so i sold it because i already have 1. you have to purchase a licence to sell and that took about a month for me to get everything then another 3 months to have all my plants mature and to create a steady revenue service by selling to college students and Back to marijuana dispensories. if your good at it you can make good money i make currently around $1000 a week. i only work 35 hours a week and its a home buisness so i dont have wake up early.

  • Wow, there sure is a lot of haters on here! Dude, congrats to you. At 21 yrs you are living the life and doing it right. Most importantly you are shoring up your future by not squandering your money (401k) and a major investment (house). Plus, if things do go south you can start college and/or you're young enough to weather these economic storms. Lastly, you're getting all the p**** you want! 'Nuff said!

  • You really shouldn't be posting comments like this one on your confession, it makes you seem even more stupid.

  • You really do believe the s*** you write don’t you? Dude, abandon your feeble attempts at s******* us, we can all see you're a moron. Your punctuation, spelling and reasoning sucks. And if you were as gifted as you say any college would offer you a bursary.

    Why would I be jealous of some fucktard that's going to be a penniless, mindless f****** Patric Star lookalike in about 10 years from now ....... DUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH See how much p**** you get then.

  • Guess what buddy in 30 years i will have my own island in the bajamas this year alone i saved 7 grand in my 401k more next year. i will be making more money and more prophit especially when they legalize it in a few years. also i scored a 1250 on my SATS I JUST COULDNT GET INTO A GOOD COLLEGE BECAUSE THE ECONOMY. WHEN I WAS 19 I FOUND OUT HOW TO SELL WEED LEGALY SO YAY ME. IT WAS THIS OR WORK AT BEST BUY I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE. and your just mad because i found how to make money easily and you didn`t think of it. by the way i only smoke a few times a week not everyday and my mind is as sharp as ever and i do p90x everyday and i`ve smoked since i was 15 :) and i get p**** all the time.

  • We can pretty much gather from your post that you are uneducated and that your brain is f***** from all the cannibus.

    See if you're still so happy in about 30 year's time when I'm chilling on a tropical beach somewhere, enjoying my hard-earned retirement with a healthy body and mind and plenty to look forward to.

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