So Sorry I screwed you

I met you over a year and a half ago at art school and approached you to be f*** buddies. We f***** and texted and flirted in class. You tried to get close, but we were committed to other people. I pushed you away, and you kept trying. You're no angel, but I'm truly an a******. I loved you then, and love you now, but under the circumstances, who was I to bring real emotions in to the situation. I should have been honest, but really, even though you said you were falling in love with me... would you have kept seeing me if I said it back? You're a beautiful d*** and I'm a hot b****, we could have made it work, if only we weren't self obsessed pieces of s***. Sorry sugar.

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  • Aww true love <3

  • Ja, the lost paradise.

  • Life in the fast lane. Sigh. This confession makes me sad. Get together you two, will ya ? You've only got one life.

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