I used to love you

I confess that I let you abuse me because you were my first boyfriend and I thought you could do no harm. You damaged me. And I allowed it. All in the name of love. I still haven't processed it. I still haven't told you. Instead, I broke up with you, for reasons you still don't know. You thought I was coming back, but I was trying to escape a bad relationship. I told you so many times I didn't want to be sexual and you never listened. You kept pushing and pushing. Our whole relationship could have worked if you just f****** listened to me. I meant no, and you couldn't f****** respect that. I left you, and left you wondering "what did I do to lose her?" but when I left you, you left me wondering "why didn't I speak up? why did he hurt me? why didn't he listen to me?" f*** you. f*** you so much. I'm so sick of men taking my innocence. I TRUSTED YOU WITH MY REGRESSION THAT I USED TO COPE WITH MY PREVIOUS SEXUAL ABUSE YOU SICK F***. I trusted you. I loved you. I let you into my life. I fought for you. I knew I couldn't tell you what you did or you'd start crying and hurt yourself. And at the end of the day, I kept it to myself in order to protect you. Isn't that sick? I kept the fact you sexually assaulted me in order to protect YOU! Whatever. oh and happy f****** birthday to you. I hope it's utter s***.


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  • I still hate you

  • Good for you for loving yourself enough to leave!

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