Where do i go from here

I dont know what to do with myself. you were, and still are my best friend. we've been through everything. i understand that we moved fast and that we should have slowed down. you treated me terribly throughout the whole relationship, you flirted with other girls, and went out of your way to insult me. but i never gave up. i never did because i thought we were worth it. i would rather share you than lose you. and you woke up one day and gave up when i never did - when i never did anything to you.

i guess i just never thought you would give up.
i never thought you would change your mind.
i never thought we'd end like this.

i never thought you'd think i wasn't worth fighting for.

Nov 25, 2011

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  • Whoa, you come off sounding very insecure, pathetic and needy. You obviously meant nothing to this guy, ever. He jerked you around, used and abused you until it no longer interested of amused him.

    You need to find some way to build up some self confidence or you'll land in another relationship just like that one.

    Lose the douche and work on yourself.

  • Read his ad's "Recent Confessions" and discover that this guy is trolling - wake up stupid

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