Black Man,White Woman

I am a black person and I have four kids with two black women. One I was married to ages ago and a girlfriend from the last few years. Both relationships failed badly.

I have dated many black women and things have not been good mostly. Though I have dated white women, it has always been for casual s**. Now my friends think that I should try to date a white woman seriously; that I may have a better chance at succeeding at love.

Nevertheless, I have these lovely black kids and would it not seem awkward to have a set of mixed kids? Does success in love depend on race?

I constantly wonder about this. Even with a couple of graduate degrees, I have no real answer to this issue. It will be nice to have a kid with a white woman though!

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  • I am a black woman and I have to wonder why black people in general are sooooo obsessed with race. I don't get it. If you're not happy with your partner, shouldn't you try to move on? Who cares what color the new woman might be? You never see white people on this site obsessing about Latina women or white women or whatever. This is probably why most of my friends and my bf are white. They've been conditioned against talking about race, which is refreshing.

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