Black and white

I see a lot of stories on this site about experiences with interracial s**. Mainly white females having s** with black males.
The other thing I notice is that one or 2 readers of the posts IMMEDIATELY respond and declare the confession BS/fake simply because of the interracial s** part.
Well I am a 50 something white male from the middle of a very rural state. My tiny high school had a graduating class of 48 and no black students at all. Not to mention no black families living in the area. I can answer the skeptics with a simple explanation. CURIOSITY.
I knew several girls in high school that dated, or simply had s**, with black guys just to see what it was like.
When we were in our 30's myself and my wife decided to try some kinky things. And yes, my white wife wanted to try s** with a hung black male. And we did.
I never had kids, but a few of my friends did. And I know the problems they experienced. Our smaller schools were consolidated into larger ones with both white and black kids. Several years ago it was the "popular" thing for all the white girls to date black guys. If you wanted to be one of the cheerleaders or popular girls you dated and had s** with black guys.
You can claim BS all you want but everything I have said is 100% fact.

Mar 20

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  • White women will always have some sort of curiosity for black men.
    The hotter sexier and fit a black man is… guys don’t be fooled. Yes even your woman’s eyes will wander. I’ve seen it at bars gatherings no matter
    They will sometimes even make it evident they are available without anyone actually catching on
    Not like come over her now signs but hey when the time is right I’ll be looking so be ready sign
    If I had to say most white women have to hide their l*** for black guys or it would be very bad
    They know how to deny they don’t like black men in front of their men. Deep down inside that l*** is burning

  • My neighbors wife was having an affair with a black guy while he was away out of town working.
    I later found out she put out an ad looking for a hot black guy and he responded.
    So as she got the kids off to school later he would come by. Even at night he would sneak by
    I actually got excited knowing what she was into
    Then I little by little started asking questions
    She didn’t mind telling me. She said after having the kids her and her husband became distant sexually. She still wanted and needed s** just as bad as anyone would. She then admitted he was more than likely having s** with nurses at cities he visited and he told her to do whatever she wanted., I did my part by just listening and I asked her why black guys.
    Now I’m looking at her in tight leggings nice perfect bubble ass little waist nice nice b****.
    She around 5’4” very cute resembles Lisa Loeb
    She smiles and says the s** is always good!!!
    They have what I’m looking for and need.
    She says they want no attachments and know how to f*** good and please. I was just about rock hard. I told her those guys have no idea how lucky they are. And she says to me smiling … and I am even luckier .

  • Every hot curvy white female I dated I got them to confess that they had s** with black guys.
    Most didn’t want to admit it saying white guys would never accept them and that white guys hated knowing that. I told them nothing wrong with here with me I’m cool
    But the stories I’ve heard omg so hot!
    Some still say they get the urge every once in a while to meet a black guy especially when no one is around

  • I know for a fact black guys were hung from playing sports and rumors from some white females
    I saw it for my own eyes. I was in a car my sophomore year of hs riding around with three seniors one night. We came across a group of girls one named Michele and I knew she really
    liked me. She got in the back seat with me and the guys kept pressuring me to fool around with her. She wanted to but I needed a little more courage. We stopped in the dark country roads somewhere when a black guy named Dexter got in back exchanged seats wifi another guy it was us three in back. Driver continued to drive and she had her hand on my jeans as we were kissing trying to make out . We stopped and she had my d*** in her hand about ready to suck me when the driver stopped and put the interior lights on revealing my d*** and Dexter had his d*** out trying to get her hand to grab it . By this time Michele’s mind was made up until she looked over and saw Dexters hard d*** … she said oh my god that thing is huge. There’s no way that thing is going in me.
    You know what? He f***** her on the trunk of the car and doggie. All we heard was her saying how big it was and telling him to f*** it good
    Yup I was more than convinced

  • As a 50 year old white woman and mother of three who has been married for 25 years to a white man all I can say is there is nothing better than a black man except maybe 3 black men.

    Before I met my husband I was quite promiscuous. I slept with over 75 men from the time I was 14 till I met my husband at the age of 24. My goal was to experience as many types of men as possible before I got married. I loved black men as Im a tall girl and I loved feeling full.

    I shared with my hubby that my fantasy was to be with three black men. Little did he know that was what I enjoyed the night we first met.

    He arranged for my fantasy to be realized the weekend we celebrated our anniversary which was also the anniversary of our first meeting.

    So I got to enjoy the same fantasy I lived 26 years earlier. I had not had s** with anyone with my husband since that night.

    But I’ve been having s** with those three men almost weekly for the last 8 months. Not always all three but always at least one.

    My hubby is huge for a white guy, but there is nothing that feels better or looks hotter than that huge black c*** entering your v*****. I’m getting all WET just writing this!

  • I was an extremely jealous person from an all-white town, too. (insecurity, which I later dealt with). I was afraid that not only did my girlfriend (now my wife) like, think are handsome, or fantasize about other men, I was afraid that she would like black men as she'd never been around them and we recently moved to an area with a higher black population. She was a flirt anyway and would talk to the neighbors. I went to my best friend about my insecurities. he said-Well, she's had three hispanic boyfriends so obviously race isn't an issue to her in terms of who she likes. I asked her directly about it and she said, no....just white guys.
    We were having s** and engaging in dirty talk and I mentioned her with black men. She went wild and climaxed. Asked and answered. She said that if there was a guy she would have gone out with, she would have likely been open to s** or even marriage if the two hit it off, regardless of his race. People like what they like....

  • It's a whole taboo thing in the U.S., due to the history. Girls' dads didn't like it and a lot of white guys were afraid that their wives and gf's secretly desired black men. Why fear it? Men are men. The truth is most women like handsome men, regardless of color or race. Once they get to know a guy, if he's handsome, smart, and fun to be around, they'll date him. This topic came on a radio talk show while my wife and I were driving cross country. She said, "In case you are wanting to ask, yes, I find some black men attractive and there were some who I might have dated when I was single...but none asked me out."

  • So true! My wife sees a tall handsome fit black guy and she’s a different person. Nothing turns her on more than that. I know she’s experienced black guys and has told me how different in bed they were
    I guarantee you if I wasn’t there she would approach them. I can see how she’ll try and not make it obvious she’s trying to get a better look but I know her by now. I once asked her while we started dating the best sexual experience she’s ever had … she said a guy her friend knew. She said he was good and lasted long. Had a nice long black d***. Oohhhhh that’s when I knew she was into them
    I said so it’s true about them? She says ohhhh yeah!
    She said she had to be discreet cause her parents wouldn’t like it and she had a boyfriend at the time
    She said she doesn’t regret it

  • Funny how the moron who always jumps in on interracial confessions calling them FAKE is silent on this one.

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