Big booty club

I am a white girl with a big ass! All my friends tease me about it, saying I should have been born black. I have been reading all these posts about girls being owned by, or a slave, to a black male. Have to say I never experienced that. But I have to admit when i go out to a bar my ass id a magnet for black guys! I have dated both black and white guys. Eventually all of them got around to wanting a*** s**. Its just the black guys I dated seemed to go there immediately! And once they got it, f****** me in the ass became Disneyland. When I made them accept a BJ or vaginal s**, they acted like I they were visiting the go cart park.

Nov 2

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  • I had so much to tell about this I had to make my own post. I fit in this club and made the mistake of waiting until I was 40 to learn the pleasure of a*** s**.
    My advice to girls, young or old, big ass or skinny. TRY IT! You will learn to love it.

  • Honey, you are blessed. I am a middle aged white woman with a big ass as well.

    Nothing better than having s** with black men. But you are brave. I’ve never taken a BBC up the ass

  • You should try it! I blossomed very early and at the age of 12 made most 20 year olds look like tomboys. And YES I had a big ass. High school and even college guys were hitting on me like crazy. My t*** were nice but I realized it was my ass the guys were drooling over. You have definitely missed out! I gave up my ass to a black boy when I was 13. I have done a*** ever since and love it.

  • But was your first time with a BBC? That had to hurt. My husband is hung for a white man but doesn’t have the girth of those black men I enjoyed back in the day.

    My husband is also not into a***.

    Just don’t think I could take it up the backside

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