With a married Woman

I am having an affair with a married woman. We met through a "alternative" s** site where she was looking for a Dominant guy. Her husband, who she loves, is very conservative and straight. Se has always known that she wanted more and set about finding in .. and this is where i come in ..

I have educated her in ways on a Dom / sub relationship including BDSM ...

She loves giving up control, letting me do as i please then going home to her "normal" life..

She has done so many things that she would never dream of doing with her husband or talking about with her friends .. and she wants to try so much more..

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  • I do the same with MY married lover. He likes me to take charge and CONTROL him, which I do, WELL. He loves that it is something he and I share alone as his wife is not into THAT. Her loss, cause I love having that TOTAL CONTROL of him, in EVERY way. He is putty in my hands, I OWN him and MY c*** and he damn well knows that when he returns home....to HER.

  • Yay you!

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