Hate living

I hate life. So much pressure. I want to die but something else s stopping me from killing myself. I wish there would just disappear. I hate this. Why was I forced to be born. Growing up in a violent house with a alcoholic dad and b**** mom. I'm 60 and still in pain. I just want you o die

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  • Not long left to go, so just enjoy the time you have left. You're no spring chicken, but you aren't one on it's last legs either. Do a bucket list and start living, stop f****** moaning!

  • Easier said than done

  • Obviously, it's easier said than done. But that doesn't mean, a person can't or shouldn't attempt to make their lives better, if they're personally able to (:
    Some people don't have a choice, depending on individual circumstances. But if you do have a choice, wouldn't you try?

  • I am soooo hard. I am tired

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