The one thing I want more than anything else...

I want, I fantasize, of coming into a huge amount of money and leaving you. I'd pay off your house, I'd give you $100,000 and tell you to stuff it. And I know you'd object but I'd be able to point out that the only thing you ever cared about and bitched and moaned about our entire relationship was 'money'. So now you'd have your money and I would have the freedom to do what I wanted. And you still wouldn't be happy because you'd still want me under your thumb which you wouldn't have because the money would be mine all mine and we're not married so you don't own me and can't do s*** about it. That's what I fantasize. And you wouldn't even be able to cry about how mean I was to you because you would get a lovely parting gift. It was you who ran me off. And everyone already knows why.

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