My Boss has his favorites

I do IT work and install hardware. I like what I do but lately I notice my boss was being unfair about work distribution. He only sends out his favorite employees and I feel left out. When I confronted him about it, he gave me some lame excuse and said there wasn’t a budget for it. I was pretty angry but didn't show it and later that day got some advice from a close confidant. He told me to play it cool, and just email him, and request it in a nice way. So I did just that. From there, he said just be patient and wait. The email will plant a seed in his head, make him think and give him opportunity to change. But I’m uncertain if I’m doing enough. I feel like involving the other big bosses about him. What do you think? Should I wait, or just rat on him?

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  • Do you have loyalty to this company? What are you willing to do for this company in the long run? If you intend on staying, study the technology you've been weakest at as well as the technology the others excel in. The least you can do is even the playing field and prove that you have the knowledge and certifications to back it up. If that doesn't make a convincing argument, they re-examine your loyalties and find another company that will invest in you as a valued asset because you now have the skills, certifications and ambition to succeed.

    In IT, loyalty is a rare concept unless you're in a niche technology (i.e. UNIX, proprietary industry SW app, etc). Don't be discouraged by not being chosen by your boss. Perhaps one day, you'll be his boss...

  • Your complaints sound rather petty, and will to the bigger bosses. You may be overestimating your skills and value to the company. Pushing the issue may not end well for you.

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