We argue.

We argue. It's just what we do. We quarrel and fight over the stupidest things. Everyone says we're like a couple with our arguing. I swear I fight with you more than anyone else. But while everyone is telling us to get together, I have to sit there, deny the chemistry and watch you think of her. I know you're doing it. You're thinking of how you'd like to have people call you guys a couple. Well, that's not going to happen, she will never love you back.

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  • Had similar with former business associate "work wife", however, we never denied our chemistry together. We, and everyone knew we had it, looked and acted like a couple, and were seen as one. Yet, she was dating an obnoxious, t*** of a guy (first time I met him at a function, that was the first word to pop into my mind..he's a t***), and I was with another woman off and on. We both knew who we should really be with, each other..But were just afraid to take that leap.. Which sucks, b/c I do miss her.

    I don't miss the drama and b.s. that comes with her, but her..She and I...US..Yeah, I miss that.

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