This not really a confession but a question..kinda .. anyways i am 13 in a relationship with a 14 year old dude. i am sad in this relationship. i dont know why.. i was happy for a week or two. then it stopped..he stopped talking to me..stopped texting me..stopped hugging me...stop everything.. he didnt say he wanted to be over but it just seems like he does . he says he loves me and im always on his mind he says he just doesnt know how to show it. but i think it easy to show. i told him life to short for him to keep things and his feelings to him self. i think it because i said i wasnt ready for s**. but he said he'd wait so i dnt get it.. we stared at each other in the hallway for like a min until he turned away and walk off with his friends. he's been ignoring me for 4 days now.. i really like him so days feel like weeks to me . he made me so hes making me so sad... i cried myself to sleep last 2 days ..blew up his phone.. blew up his email.. blew up his facebook chat. still he didnt reply... i dont know what to do.. i dont know what to say.. all i can do is put a fake smile on my face.. to hide the pain an tears on the inside ..


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  • the best thing you can do is stop texting him, stop calling him, stop everything... and he will realize that he misses you, so he will come back to you ;) trust me. if not, he's just a j***, and he's no worth your tears honey. you are so much worth it, every girl is.

  • im going through the same thing now but insted im 14 and hes 17 and we've been active ( oral) . all i can say is stay strong and that your not the only one! we have a whole life ahead of us its going to take while until things get better but with time comes happiness!

  • I'm really sorry for the way he's treating you, I've known many similar cases and I hope I don't sound cruel but it seems to me he doesn't really love you, he had more lustful intentions and since he didn't see them fulfilled he lost interest in you. A guy like that doesn't deserve your heart, nor your pretty tears; respect yourself, try to be strong and to forget him, you are very young and I'm sure someone who deserves your love and attention will come by when the time is right, don't despair.

  • You are so young and so much life ahead of you...It is hard to understand when your in the whirlwind of emotions at your age that this time of your life that you are in, is going to pass so many adventures await you...He is trying to guilt you into s**...his emotions are running overtime also...he is not thinking clear either...don't let him play the game you control your destiny. He knew how to hug before when he thought he may have chance now that he doesn't the hugs stop...your smarter than that you already know the answer what really wants...if you are not ready then you should move on to your next chapter in the game life...and leave him to his. TB

  • so there all lies... ouch. so much for never lying to me...i do feel guilty.. maybe i should just have s** with him then he'll talk to me again and hug me hold me.. i just dnt understand why he would even want s**):

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