I hate my business partners

I had this business partner who I made some investments with and in the crash of 2008 he lost a lot of the money. That's not the hating part. Its how he acted after. Now hes broke, and I understand he has to survive but now I find out he travels all over the place and is living pretty well and when I ask him for help on the investment that I took responsibility of he just ducks and dodge. He just came yo town and I find out from other people is here.

I get angry because the guy is a son of a b**ch and no one knows. Like I want the world to know what I know and turn their back on him like he's done with so many.

I usually wish for him the best and success, but sometimes its had to mean it. He also reminds me of my youthful self that got caught up in his bullshit sales tactic.
It feels good to tell someone about it.

Dec 5, 2011

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  • Well, this is exactly the kind of person who thrives in our world, the slick come-on artist. It wouldn't keep happening if people didn't let them get away with it, but all anyone ever does is shrug and mutter about "karma." Soooo, how's that working out as far as teaching people lessons? Take a GOOD look around and THINK just a tiny bit before answering that one.

  • Good to read this. A year and a half ago, I ditched my business associate due to bullshit like this. She's put on the cutesy-sweet, pretty routine and people ate it up, but, only I knew the real her. Conniving, shifty, and a lying sack of s*** who'd do anything to s**** people financially.

    She'd tell me about this guy, that guy, and how she had s** with so and so for a business deal, then, would help me on a job and work as little as possible. I'd pay her for actual work done, and, twice, paid her nothing, as she did nothing onsite with/for me. At the same time, she'd rip the very people she was conniving money from, including a married insurance agent who "liked to spank her". She asked me for a mild advance before doing one job with me, and, that day..Was useless. I ditched her soon after.

  • He sounds like a d***.

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