Married and unavail women

My confession is that i have a weakness for married and unavail women! I lost count of how many ive had! its and a great dirty little secret!

Im going to h***

Dec 8, 2011

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  • Ahhhh forbidden fruit... By my experiences alone, you'd believe that unfaithful women are ALL that exist... There is something to be said for the exhilaration that comes from a "taken" woman sensuously and excitedly peeling off her panties that her "man" last saw her put on to start the day, or hungrily swallowing my seed or knowing when she kisses him upon returning home he's kissing the mouth that just had my member in it, or when he enters her later he's entering where I deposited my DNA inside, etc. I have had numerous women who would make a point of rushing home to f*** their men silly after me because doing so after is a serious get off for them, or out of a guilt obligation/cover, or both. The fact that any number of them are doing to or with me things they've never with their men is a rush. Oh, and the wonderful little game that's played when running into them BOTH together in public and looking into her eyes as she innocently plays it cool and gives him kisses, expertly keeping the charade and "our little secret"... Two things I won't do- judge (I'm just glad to be of service.), or do a brother (a close friend, workmate, family member, etc.) dirty. (I have a standard of ethics!)

  • H***? I think not. We'll be reincarnated as regular animals, free to mate with whomever. The monogamous ones will be re-cast as lobsters or penguins or something, who pick a mate for life and/or die alone...

  • I have been the same way since a turned 21. I have had many of them and it was such a thrill.It turns me on greatly to know that a married or attached woman can take her underwear of and have s** with me.

    Now in my fortys,I had a woman, who has been married for 10 years have s** with me in her married bed.Two married women are talking to me from another country and I know,its just a matter of time. I may be headed to h*** with you too!

  • If you have "had" they They are NOT unavailable!

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