:S Im so ashamed

That I fantasise about one of mine and my fiance's friends all the time. It feels like a love him but I know it's only a crush, but sometimes I think I wont get over the "crush" until we've done something about it....which obviousl can't happen as Im engaged and the other guy has a girlfriend.

Grrr! So annoying :( I feel so stink sitting here next to my fiance writing this but I need to get it off my chest as I feel like a complete b****! I hope its somewhat normal to be attracted to someone else even being totally head over heels with the one your already with.

I. Would. Never. Cheat.

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  • your not alone, i used to feel the same way with something similar. i just got over it. maybe you will too?

  • Eeeekk I really hope so :(

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