I want you so bad...

So I'm not too shy to go down on you and swallow your c**, but I'm too shy to tell you how much I love it.
I'm not too shy to let you lick my c*** while you finger me and get me off so hard my legs shake and my eyes roll back in my head, but I'm too shy to tell you how bad I want you to do it again the next day.
And I'm WAY to shy to tell you how bad I want you to just f*** me already. We've been getting each other off with our hands and our mouths for over a year now. PLEASE buy some condoms and F*** ME!
But I can't tell you that.
When you leaned me back on your desk and spread my legs open, pulled my panties off to the side, and slid your finger inside me I wanted it to be your d*** sliding deep into me.
So I confess I want it all.
I want you to c** on my face.
I want you to f*** me hard. Really hard.
I want you to make me scream.
I want you to lick, suck, and bite my nipples.
I even want you to f*** my ass.
I want to be able to tell you exactly how to use your fingers in me to make me squirt. Because I will, if you do it just right.
I dunno, maybe you don't WANT to f*** me.

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