I just don't know

I put this is the "S**" category because it involves my sexualty. Well see I am a 17 yr old female and I think I might be a lesbian. You see I have been in relationships with guys and the whole relationship would be uncomfortable and awkward and I would always call it off. I am still a virgin becuase I don't have a desire to sleep with a guy. I asked my cousin about this and she thinks its because I havn't met the right guy but she is also a homophobic so she would refuse to believe I was gay anyways. I do have thoughs about women and I have attractions for some women too. I just need some advice or suggestions because my life is confusion enough without having to worry about my sexuality. I'm sorry if this bores you and stuff but please don't criticize I just need someone to talk to and I usually go to my aunt about things like this but I think she might tell my mom this time and well that would be all bad.

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  • Hey, please excuse my really crude way of speaking
    But I too have had those thoughts.. I have been in 8 relationships that have lasted atleast over 3 months which have had some sexual activity ( none which I really wanted to participate in at all) and I am still a virgin
    I also have contemplated my sexual preferences but it all comes down to

    Do you think you could actually sleep with a girl?
    Would you be not just comfortable but want to perform oral s** or any sexual contact with a girl, would it turn you on or would it disgust you? Do men and the prospect of s** and sexual intercourse with men disgust you?

    If you cant answer these questions, it is probably just because you are at a very sensitive age and it will all become clearer as time goes on

    Good luck with everything!

  • I actually might be young but I am mature enought to answer these questions.

    Yes I think I would be comfortable sleeping with a woman and no sexual contact with a woman would not disgust, I am a very open-minded person. No I s** with a man does not disgust me but it doesn't interest me.

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