Things that are wrong with me

I have aspergers
I am bisexual
I've never been invited to a party
I only have 3 friends
my only friends are only my friends because they feel bad for me
I offend everyone I meet
I really have issues
I have Bulimia
I hold my breathe until I get light headed
I tried to kill myself multiple times
I like computers an people think thats weird
I don't make friends easy
I just threw up
I usually throw up every time I eat
I think suicidal thoughts
I've been bullied since 2nd grade
I had special classes since 3rd grade
I have 5 therapists
I take special medication
I have ADHD
I have anger issues
I've punched 5 holes in my walls
I have ran away from school
I yelled at my teachers
I still have tantrums
No one understands me
I'm losing my only friends
I've had s** with other guys
I sit on the toilet
I don't use the locker room
I have many insecurities
I'm very fat
I weigh 193 pounds
I look fat



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  • you also can't spell breath. Just thought I'd add that one for you. :P

  • Being bisexual is nothing to be ashamed of.. And please, don't kill yourself. That will make things worse for your family, friends, and even yourself in the long run.

  • i've been single for 17 years, never been ask on a date, never kiss, i'm shy, i have low self esteem, and i weight more than u. my best friend left me for someone else, my friends never really care about me but hey, i'm still holding on

  • There are certain things you can control and others you can't...focus on what you can. Exercise so you can feel good about how you look, try and make friends with people who seem like they need a friend too. Do what you can to change what you can, that would be a good start...then you will be in a better place to manage the other stuff.

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