Cyber one night stand

I got bored and went on chatroulette. I figured the most I'd do was probably end up seeing some d****, maybe finding a few normal people to talk to, and MAYBE flash someone my b****. Maybe. But I ended up meeting this guy, who I ended up flirting with, and we both took our shirts off. We were seriously just making small talk (school, majors, finals, etc.) while half naked. We decided to get on Skype (for better reception) and talk some more. He asked me what else I was wearing (just underwear) and asked if he could see. I was totally comfortable with that, so I did, and asked him to do the same. He did, and much to my surprise, he had a b****. To make a long story only somewhat shorter, it turned into a "hookup sesh" and then we went our separate ways. I turned down his offer to be friends on Facebook, and deleted his contact on Skype. I've never done anything like this before, and I probably never will again. The whole thing meant absolutely nothing, and I'm mostly okay with that. The only thing I feel bad about is the fact that I pretty much cheated on my serious boyfriend of almost two years. I think we would both die if he found out that I did this. But I don't plan on telling him, or anyone else, so...I'm fine with it. I don't think that makes me a bad person either. I love my boyfriend, and I swear that I'll never do anything like this ever again.

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  • Ask your boyfriend to let you do this. He might be okay with it.

  • interesting thing you said was "probably" never do it again which means you probably will i agree with the one person who said you need to tell your boyfriend if its as serious as you say you 2 are you can work thru it but you cant keep lieing to yourself and him it will never work if you do trust me

  • i also have a feeling you never would do something like that with your own boyfriend but yet you go trolling for guys to f*** online, your one sick person and you deserve to be cheated on and dumped i hope he finds out about it and dumps your s**** ass and doesnt forgive you.

  • you didnt basically cheat on him you plain out did cheat on him and you should tell him the truth if he meant that much to you in the first place you wouldnt have done it in the first place and im guessing that really isnt the first or last time you have cheated on him once a cheater always a cheater and thats the truth others on here are sayin oh its ok just once thats bullshit you cant cheat on someone and consider it ok cause its not. you need to own up to yourself and admit your mistake and if your love you have for each other is true enough and strong enough you will survive it but you need to stop lieing to yourself and him and just own it.

  • cyber s** = safest s**. it's like wishing to f*** a celebrity, but what are the chances of that actually happening? so, you fantasize about that star, and that's that. cyber s** is like seeing that star, without the physical repercussions and consequences.

    s** and love need to be separated. society trained us to blend both together, which has probably led to more human conflict than anything else. if jack sparrow had hijacked the mayflower, you'd be cyber sexing to your heart's content, sweetie...

  • you are full of s*** its people like you that make relationships so hard and difficult and its no wonder the divorce rate is as high as it is...cheaters suck and should just go cut theirs t*** and nuts off

  • Don't girl! I've been there! If you do again you will just hate yourself. One time is a mistake, and that's hard ENOUGH to live with. More than once and it's nearly impossible to justify to yourself. You realize that you've tainted your love and everytime he is sweet you will hate yourself even more and feel unworthy.

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