No Man Will EVER...

I live with a bunch of other people due to some things going on. Two of the grown men play Call Of Duty. I Skype frequently and have for the two years I've lived here. All of the sudden about a month ago one of them started to make me get off of the internet so they could play. I Skype to talk to my serious boyfriend who I see once a week. They play, and don't even have jobs. Well, the one who tells me to get off claims the internet is his. It's paid by the girlfriend he cusses out on a daily basis. He threatens to block me from the internet permanently if I don't abide by his "rule." Well, when I asked for 30 more minutes of time due to have a crap day, and not having anything go right he told me I didn't need it. When I shut my door, walked into my room and said, "you don't even know me." He barges in and starts yelling at me. NO MAN will ever yell at me that way again unless they want their testicles SEVERELY bruised by my foot kicking them. Treat a woman, me, right or you will no longer be considered a man. Is that clear?

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  • Time to find a new place to live? Or why not get your own PC and internet connection?

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