Nice but Naughty

I have been sexting my boyfriend over skype, and we dont send pictures, but we like "rp". we do it like every other day and we love eachother so much its unbreakable. i have bad anxiety so whenever i have to hide from my parents that i rp sext, i feel really bad. i usually act like a nice and sweet person cuz i hate the feeling of guilt, but now i have been hiding this secret for 6 months, and i tried to stop it once, but im just so used to it.

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  • rp= roleplay

    Honestly, I wouldn't feel so guilty about it. I do that too, but unlike you I don't have a bf to share it with, so I'll rp with some random stranger on say omegle. I'm known as a "good girl" in real life so it feels kinda weird to know that I'm actually pretty dirty in my internet life.

    But hey, you see? I'm not alone. ^^ I'm sure many other people do this too. Don't worry about it. It's one of those fetishes. Don't know why we have them but we do.

  • hey dont make fun but what is ''rp''

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