A few days ago, an old Russian guy snapped his fingers at me while I was serving a table and said "Fatty, over here." I didn't know what to do, so I listened to him and then ran into the kitchen and told one of my best friends. Two guys overheard. One started cursing up a storm and went to get our boss to kick them out, and the other was trying to make me laugh about it saying things in a Russian accent like "No, no, sweet heart. In home country, fatty is word for beauty." Everyone else eventually heard about it and surrounded me trying to make sure I was okay. I kept smiling saying I was fine; so they began to joke about it and say what bastards they were. My boss came over and asked if I wanted them to leave, get somebody to finnish with them or if I was able to. I said I'd do it; and went back out making it seem like I was perfectly fine.

Really, no matter how small that was it still hurt. I'm a sixteen year old girl who goes to the gym five to six days a week. My parents don't have too much money; so I rarely eat unless I'm at work where I get free food. My whole life I've been chubby and I finally lost quite a bit of weight last year. They'll never know; but the past three days I've gone running at the gym to the point where I've gotten so sick I've thrown up. I haven't been hungry at all and have been forcing myself to eat.

I don't want to take it as seriously as I am; but for some reason I can't help it.

Dec 13, 2011

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  • being fat really does suck. I still have some weight to lose but I'm not fat anymore. people would tease me daily about it and it killed me on the inside. don't let them get to you, thats what they want

  • 16 and you handled that situation very maturely. Good for you! Words can be really hurtful sometimes. And it's weird how, words from strangers pack such a punch. Please, don't give it or them a second thought. You are beautiful, no matter what size you are. Keep on doing exactly what you're doing. Sounds like your coworkers and boss know what a wonderful person you are. Glad they have your back. But you know that those people who say mean and careless things are just really insecure, sad and pathetic. You have to eat to live. So just keep on doing what you have been doing. Eat and exercise, and just be healthy and most importantly, be kind to yourself.

  • there just a******* trying to make fun of you because they have a small d*** and a bad job. i know what your going through i had weight problems at that age to. i lost some weight doing sports then built most of it into muscle now im bulky but i look more buff not fat. as a guy muscle looks better then on a girl. you have a tricky situation because as a girl you can lose the weight or find a black guy. as a guy i like curvy women and if i werent 23 i would date you. larger people are more interesting to talk to and way more faithful in a relationship. remember people who point out your flaws are trying to hide theirs be happy with who you are dont let other people validate you.

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