I'm not stupid...

My parents keep asking to borrow large sums of money for Christmas. At first I let them no questions asked because I know how much they're struggling. Now it's clear that they don't intend on paying me back any time soon. Honestly; I don't mind it at all. The only thing that hurts is they'll ask to borrow all the cash I have on hand at the time (usually close to $100 because I get a lot in tips) and say they'll pay me back in a week and never do. I get that you need the money, but please be honest about it. What hurts a bit more is they keep seeing my bank account drain mostly because of them, and say how irresponsible I am for not managing my money wisely and how I should have a car by now. They say this to friends and family too when they ask why I'm not driving yet. If I'm doing you a favor and can't buy a car because you have all my money, the least you can do is not humiliate me.

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  • They r 2 f****** tel them not another penny let ur mother do bit of w......

  • She tried that once but didnt work out

  • You are hurting them more by giving them money.

  • I feel you. Our situations are almost the same. My sisters and I have always give and never ask for it back. I realized that it's okay to say "No" sometimes. We're still young and we can only give so much.

    It's like they know that you're broke and struggling, but they still ask for money anyways.

    p.s. you're not stupid. we're just too kind to our parents.

  • A loving parent would GIVE, and not TAKE from a child.

  • step up and tell them no you cant borrow my money i need it for a car and whatever else you need it for. and if your old enough to be working an making tips then you should perhaps move out on your own and stop worrying about their irresponsibilty

  • Forgive your parents. Unforgiveness is like drinking a poison and hoping the other person dies. I would say forgive them first; let those harsh feelings go and then go talk to them about it. In a respectful way.

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