Am I just complaining?

I don't have any real issues other than the fact that I don't have any friends and my family completely ignores me. No one is dying I don't have any stress at school. Nothing that should make me stressful but the fact that I'm all alone. Am I just complaining? I feel like I am but I can't help it, It's how I feel. When I think about it I feel like I'm being selfish. It makes me hate myself way more than I already do. But God it hurts so bad to be alone. To have your friend abandon you for your sister, and only talk to you in passing. How could she do that to me? I've always been there for her. God it hurts to be alone.....

Apr 22, 2012

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  • get off this f****** site.

  • join the club.

  • i'm sorry to hear that i've been alone as well (hah still am), my mother was a b**** at one point, and i've been ignored quite a bit by my family, got the "your disgusting looking" look from every girl i ever knew, met, and looked in the general of, and finally never had people you'd call friends... your not complaining just venting so please continue

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