My first time and my first love

I lost my virginity when i was 17 she was a friend of a friend who knew me very well when we were in grade school. we started dating junior year after she broke up with her douche boyfriend. we dated for 5 months before we had s** but after we did she started crying about how her last boyfriend took her virginity and broke up with her after and she had a pregnancy scare and he didnt help her talk her though it and she had to get her girlfriend to help get her some morning after pills when she told me i got p***** off and went and kicked his ass at his own party infront of all his friends. i told her what i did and she Cried some more and then thanked me and then f***** me again. weve been going steady for almost 2 years and she loves me. i woke up to see her staring at me and talking about our future together. my friends say shes to clingy but i like it she'll never cheat and she has s** with me alot 7 times a week. they say im whipped but whats wrong with that i love her she makes me smile:)

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