Love Triangle

My name won't be revealed, so for now I'm A1 and two other boys that are in this confession are B2 and C3.
I'm a girl. Almost 12. Middle-schooler.
It was winter, 2010 and I got a friend request on facebook from this guy whose just a year older than me and goes to me school.
I accepted it. We talked and talked and I started liking him. He liked me too. We started dating. I was in fifth grade that time. He broke up with me. For no reason. I thought of him as a j*** the next two months. This guy was B2. 2 days after our breakup, I found C3's belonging with a picture on it. It was a student ID. I didn't know him, and he too is in the same grade as B2. He said thankyou online after I accepted his request, and we started talking. Eventually, after two months I went crazy for him. I told him, but he liked someonelse and he started dating the other girl he liked. He ignored me until four months later in summer vacation when he told me he liked me. I wasn't sure if I liked him, but I wan't sure if I didn't either. I was confued. I also thought I liked B2 alittle. I prayed for signs who the guy was for me, but whenever I got a sign, like their favorite songs playing in the mall, it would be B2s song, then on my Ipod it would be C3's. I sometimes saw stores named after them, both of them though. So I said no to C3, and again he ignored me and after two days of me rejecting him, he got back with his old girlfriend. Summer ended and they broke up. Me and him started talking, me and B2 have this connection though. In the hallways, there's chemistry. He's everywhere I go. And I feel this amazing thing all around my body when I look at him. But we barely talk. I guess actions speak louder than words. C3 and I talk alot. On the phone, online, in school. I don't know who to choose. I'm 75 percent sure they both like me. People have told me, and they give hints too. Help me? Also, one reason I can't tell anyone is because B2 and I had a secret relationship, like kinda forbidden because our siblings didn't allow it.

Now make fun, help, ignore, I don't care what you do with this. I just had to get that out. I only wanted to confess.

Dec 23, 2011

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  • I won't make fun of you. I remember being your age and having feelings for different boys at the same time. I know this is hard to understand right now, but you're young and you have YEARS to date and find "mr. right". Just be friends with both of these boys. You don't have to date anyone right now. It's more fun anyway if you can be friends and flirt with both of them instead of being tied down to one person when you're 11 years old. Have fun, be safe :-)

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